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Benefits of Window Plantation Shutters

Plantation window shutters are a must have in every household. This updated and simple innovation has numerous benefits, many that will make you think twice about installing any type other window cover such as blinds. Here are a few of the benefits of window shutters.

Temperature control – Stay Cool or Warm!

The most beneficial attribute of plantation window shutters is that they can regulate the temperature in your home. During the summer, you do not have to be troubled by the thought of spending a fortune on air conditioning systems to keep you cool. The material used in plantation shutters is a good enough alternative to air conditioning as it keeps the harsh sun rays out and keeps it cool inside. Similarly, during the winter season, you can save money that you would normally spend on heating through plantation window shutters, as they act as an insulator so that you can stay warm indoors.

Increase in home value

As plantation window shutters are a permanent fixture, they can greatly increase your home’s assessed value. They last for a lifetime and are energy efficient, thus future buyers would be even more interested in your property. Their symmetrical, clean and classy design makes it look aesthetically pleasing to the objective eye.


Other types of window covers such as sheer curtains or damaged blinds can cause a lot of issues pertaining to privacy and security. With plantation window shutters, you can easily adjust the shutters to suit your needs and feel safe at your home.

Less collection of dust: less allergies

Our Absolute window plantation shutters can be cleaned by a simple wipe across the areas required. Keeping in mind the dust that blind and curtains can collect, plantation window shutters are a clear winner when it comes to keeping the allergic reactions to dust to a minimum.

Customised design and size

Installing plantation window shutters is a great investment, as you get shutters that are specifically customised to fit your windows perfectly. You can choose a style, design and colours that appeal most to you.  Call us today and ask fr a brochure to find out more.


No need to get tied up in strings or other mechanisms that are troublesome and take time and effort to adjust. Window shutters can be opened or closed by children and adults alike, without any difficulty.

Improves quality of sleep

Plantation window shutters from Absolute are great at keeping your room dark and cool, so that in the early hours of the morning when the sun rises, you do not have to be disturbed by sunlight peeking in through your windows. Adjusting the shutters as per your choice, you can angle the sunlight so that it does not disturb you and you can get the rest and relaxation you deserve.

An investment that lasts a lifetime

Window shutters do not cost a an arm and a leg, and saves you from spending a ridiculous amount of money on heating and cooling. Also, if they are installed correctly, their durability is unmatched. Our shutters are designed to last a lifetime, with minimum maintenance cost. Moreover, our trendy styles and ranges are timeless, thus it can never go out of fashion.

These reasons are more than enough to convince users of other window covers to use only plantation window shutters!  Call us today to find out more or complete the free online quote form on this website.

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